*Campaign Proposal: The Western Clash. *

What I am proposing is a high-fantasy campaign set on an island known as The Western Clash I’ve uploaded a map of the island and a basic description of the island in the adventure log.

The Game itself is a homebrew I am looking to self-publish on a short-print run. I’ll be making the final changes this summer, so I am actually asking folks to help me with a final game-test. The system is called Worlds of Hurt. It’s a classless point-buy system. The game is fairly crunchy, but the essential schema is fairly simple (3d8 modified by relevant stats). Attack and Defense are contested rolls, and the difference is your base damage (and yes attackers can hurt themselves, …left an opening). The spell system is highly flexible and straight damage is not a common magical effect (gotta be more crafty than that). The game makes use of a death spiral as well as a panic spiral (simply put, damage leads to penalties). The most prominent playing feature of the game is the opportunity for cooperative strategies, and the need to use them. Simply put, together you stand, divided you die.

You can pretty well make up the main themes of standard D&D, though I don’t have half-orcs or half-elves, just the full variants. If anyone is up for this, what I would suggest is that you come up with a very basic narrative concept (e.g. I’m an dwarven fighter that uses an axe…), and I’ll help you stat the character in the first session. Point-Buy systems are very forgiving for decisions made at the beginning and after playing once you would know how to proceed.

The characters will be part of a police force (sheriff’s posy?) used somewhere on the island, so I will ask that each character have some essential buy-in to that premise. We need some reason you would want to join such a force.

I’m open to pretty much any game time, though I am happy to fit into the Tuesday-Friday format y’all are already using. For now, I just wanted to see if anyone is interested, and if so when and where they are available.

The Western Clash